Secure and reliable, always

In the sectors we serve, security is extremely important. Data is expensive to acquire and should be considered a closely guarded asset.

You decide who can access leads

Choose to let agents access all leads, their own leads, or only leads assigned to agents in their team.

Customise each agent's permissions

With FLG, you're always in complete control of each agent's individual permissions.

Limited access for third parties

Provide bare bones access for third parties, to submit leads and add notes.

Restrict access by IP address

Restrict by IP address at the user level. Supports multiple IP's for each user if necessary.

Access an audit trail of actions

Every agent-led or automated action is recorded against the lead it relates to for audit.

Secure connections

FLG servers support encrypted connections (https) using industry standard SSL.

High availability

We design our systems to be fault tolerant. Our platform is hosted on fast bare-metal servers under our direct control, within UK data centres.

Multiple secure backups

Your data is backed up regularly and securely stored in multiple locations. Data is always held safely and compliantly within secure UK data centres.

You always own your data

Your data is yours, and only yours. Easily export your entire dataset whenever you need it. You have complete control.