Telephony partners

Our telephony partners help you to integrate phone systems and diallers

Automated diallers can increase the number of calls an agent can handle, so can work well alongside FLG. Our telephony partners can help you to select a telecoms product, or to integrate an existing system with FLG.

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Difference Corporation

Difference Corporation

Difference are experts in contact centre technology and performance. They can help FLG customers grow and improve their contact centres, and FLG integrates with the Difference Dialler.


DXI & Easycallnow

DXI use industry standard, highly scalable cloud technologies to help their customers communicate effectively with their customers. FLG integrates with all of DXI's dialler products.



Formed in 2004, Hostcomm provides hosted telephony and contact centre services to businesses based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. FLG works with the Hostcomm Dialler.