The Sales Lead Management & Automation Platform

Introducing FLG 360, for sales lead management & automation.

FLG 360 integrates lead distribution, lead management, CRM, workflow, marketing automation, email marketing & text message marketing into a single cloud based platform.

Convert more leads with less effort.

Respond Faster

  • Real time integration with lead sources - make first contact within seconds.
  • Maximise conversions by instantly routing leads to the correct user, group or office.
  • A user interface built for speed and focus - complete most actions in seconds!

Respond faster and sell more.

Improve Processes

  • Guide the sales process through blended workflows of automated and user actions.
  • Completely customise the sales process for each product or service that you sell.
  • Reduce complexity for users - everything they need to do is in one single stream.

Drive up productivity and compliance.

Be Persistent

  • Automate time consuming 'chase' processes such as making first contact.
  • Win extra sales and increase profits by nurturing leads until ready to buy.
  • Send personalised emails and text messages, and react quickly when customers respond.

Never let a deal slip through again.

The Complete Platform

FLG 360 has all the tools your business needs to squeeze more revenue from each sales lead.

Take our feature tour now and discover how FLG 360 can help you with sales lead management, interaction, nurturing and marketing.

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